Motorcycle Customization - Paint + Fabrication


Looking for a custom paint job for your motorcycle? Need custom motorcycle parts fabricated? We have a range of in-house services and top notch partners we work with to turn your vision into reality. When it comes to custom work, it is 100% truth…”You get what you pay for.” With that being said, we work with a wide range of budgets and talent. We’ll work with you and help set reasonable expectations for the best possible route to customize your motorcycle. 

How to Start a Motorcycle Customization Project

  • Know what you’re working with - some bikes are better starting point for certain motorcycle style builds, does the bike run
  • Figure out whether the bike is in good running condition. If not or questionable from sitting, what is it going to take for mechanical/safety issues to be addressed first.
  • Find inspiration - pictures of styles you like
  • Key details - figure out what you absolutely love and want in your motorcycle build
  • Determine budget - how much can you realistically spend on this build - upfront or over time? What can you tackle in the build - do you have the right tools? Cost of parts and labor?


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