Motorcycle Diagnostics + Repair


We utilize some of the most advanced diagnostic tools in the industry and have a ton of experience figuring out hard to find problems. Our techs have a deep understanding of how to interpret diagnostic data and target problems accurately. Over years of experience, we have designed and built our own custom tools and parts to solve a problem when needed. 

This is how you know you’ve met a master of their craft...when they can tell by the specific sound, smell or combination of symptoms a bike is making and how to fix it right when all your buddies are telling you something different. Yea, our guys can do it. Some call it motorcycle wizadary. We do it everyday. 

  • Read and reset motorcycle error codes, engine codes, ABS codes

  • Testing fuel pressure and management

  • Checking engine compression 

  • Battery load test

  • Improving handling issues and suspension

  • Solving electrical issues

  • Improving overall runability 

  • Finding ghost issues that stump most other mechanics


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