Main Street Moto is home to Las Vegas Dyno Tech Performance and Tuning

Don’t risk engine failure or sacrifice fuel efficiency. We provide performance products and fuel management systems that work. If you want to change out your exhaust, intake or do engine upgrades, check with us first. We have built 100s of tried and true performance packages for a variety of motorcycles - from your street sleeper to professional drag bikes racing at Bonneville. 

Dyno Tuning is the most precise way to dial in your engine. Benefits of our tuning services include improved throttle response, fuel efficiency, reduced exhaust heat, eliminating backfire/spitting/sputtering or decel popping. We custom tune motorcycles based on specific parameters to ensure your motorcycle is running at peak performance. 

  • Exhaust & Air Intake Upgrades

  • Fuel Management & EFI Tuning

  • Fuel injection testing

  • Custom Flash mapping

  • Jetting 

  • Carb Clean, Rebuild & balancing

  • Engine builds

  • Race testing

Tuning Products 

We’ll help you navigate the lingo and the fluff about the truths and myths of various fuel controllers on the market. These are some of the products we work with:

  • Dyno Jet Power Commander

  • Dyno Jet Power Vision

  • Bazzazz

  • Centurion 

  • ThunderMax

  • Screaming Eagle Pro Tuner

Jetting and Carb Rebuild

We stock the largest jet collection and carb rebuild kits  in Las Vegas - use this form to submit request or check jet sizing and rebuild kit availability.


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