Family-owned and Operated

Meet Steve and Tara



Steve is a master mechanic and bike builder with over 20 years experience in the industry. He's always been a gear head. He was one of those kids that was constantly taking apart toys to figure out how they worked and how he could make them work better. Steve grew up riding dirt bikes in upstate NY and started building hot rods in high school. He earned his Applied Associate Science (AAS) Degree in Automotive Technology in 1994. Prior to opening Las Vegas Dyno Tech, Steve worked as a master mechanic for Toyota Lexus and has operated a number of automotive shops throughout his career. He's fast, fearless and a damn good mechanic.


Growing up with a family of ol' school speedway/flat track racers, Tara fell in love with riding and racing early on. Her first bike was a 1981 Yamaha Exciter that her parents gave her for her 16th birthday. A few years later, she made her first solo Sturgis trip on a Buell Blast from NY. She enjoys doing track days and mini moto racing. As an instructor for Lee Parks Total Control Advanced Rider Training, she loves inspiring new and experienced riders to improve their riding skills.